My profile picture, an random AI generated image. A circular building with white walls and magnificent skylight, through which a bright blue sky with fluffy clouds scattered throughout is visible. uncenter


I'm uncenter, a high school student with a passion for software and web development. I'm currently learning and using SolidJS, Eleventy, and a few other frameworks.

I'm also interested in linguistics, and I'm currently learning Esperanto and Mandarin Chinese.

const whoami = {
    name: "uncenter",
    website: "",
    occupation: "Student",
    location: "United States",
    languages: ["JavaScript", "TypeScript", "HTML", "CSS", "Python"],
    frameworks: ["SolidJS", "Eleventy", "TailwindCSS"],
    interests: ["Web Development", "Software Development", "Open Source"],
    learning: ["Rust", "Svelte", "React"],